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New Season

After a long summer break, all of us here at Cloud Arcadia are looking forward to getting into this new season. The 2nd under the new name (the 3rd counting the former Cloud Kingdom), you can expect to see all new twist-endings, cliff-hangers, tantalizing-near-nudity, and intricately mapped out sub-plots that culminate in…oh, wait, no?  It’s not Sweeps Week for web comics?  And we don’t have advertisers? And there’s no continuous narrative whatsoever…?

Well, anyway, it’s good to be back.  Expect to see at least one comic a week usually posting on Monday (or Sunday nights).  Our union here is pretty strict, so if you check and there’s not a comic up yet just assume that production is held up in our elaborate corporate bureaucracy … and not because the one guy running the show may have too much on his plate that week.  I mean, seriously, can you imagine this entire kingdom in the stratosphere being run by just one person?

One thought on “New Season

  1. Hilariously enough this post has now made Cloud Arcadia the top search result for “tantalizing near nude” on Google. Not sure who is searching for tantalizing near nudity but any expansion of audience is always welcome…just hope they’re not disappointed when they actually look at the comics.

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